WWDC 2021 Predictions

## WWDC Today
1a. 14/16 inch MacBook Pros Announced
1b. No HDMI, No USB
1c. Micro SD Card Slot
1d. M2
1e. Mag Safe USB-C Power Charing not a MacBook Pro 2013-2015 Mag Safe Charger.
1f. Not avail till late summer/early fall.
1g. Will run MacOS 12 not Big Sur.

2a. MacBook Air with M1x refresh
2b. Colors to match iMac 24 inch
2c. White Key Caps
2d. Will run MacOS 12 not Big Sur.

3a. Software
3b. No Mac Apps on iPads even with M1 Chip & 16 GB of RAM avail.
3c. No touch screen apps on new 14/16 MacBook Pros.

4a. Home OS Launch

5a. Updated App Store Policy and a ton of time on how much Apple “loves” Developers.
5b. Possible refinement to how app splits App Store revenue – Maybe.

6. Possible Mac Mini “Pro” or small Mac Pro announcement.

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