• Apple Wonderlust Event Predictions

    It’s less then 24 hours away Apple’s 2023 iPhone event and their first event this fall. Apple looks poised to finally upgrade the aging Lightning port on the entire iPhone line to USB-C. Along with ushering in another year of spec bumps and accessory releases to compliment it’s most important product. Listed below are my…Continue…

  • iPhone 15 Lineup Predictions [Updated 091123]

    Apple looks set to launch a new design for the iPhone line up after three years of the iPhone 12 shape. Rumors abound about specs and little changes here and there. The biggest changes look to be coming to the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Ultra. Yes, I’m in the minority here with the iPhone…Continue…

  • In Review 28th Week Of 2023

    Why I’m Writing I enjoy reading and writing about tech and often get sent questions, about product recommendations, upgrades and workflows. These posts are an attempt to share things I’m into, my opinions on tech, and tech media coverage that I find valuable. Feel free to send me a suggestion if there’s topic or product…Continue…

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