Music Monday 03 – Miranda Veil

Hello everyone, my name is Ian LeCheminant and I am the composer on the upcoming feature film Miranda Veil. In the build up to the launch of our first official trailer this coming Sunday, January 27, we have decided to share a bit behind the scenes of what we have been working on and brainstorming for the original score to the film.

An essential part of my workflow on just about any project is to assemble a unique soundbank of both virtual and physical musical instruments for each project. Then to just start composing and immediately begin to provide my editor partners, in this case Alex, with bespoke music unique unto the project.

This process starts by having several intimate discussions with my collaborators, in this case Levin, Jordan and Maggie about how we are going to collectively craft story driven music to help tell the story of the film. Descriptive words abound, color palettes and tone are discussed.

Then I go away into my cave and start composing based on key story points, rather then immediately starting with a locked picture. This helps both the score and final picture editor to come together concurrently rather then sequentially. Which in my experience generally results in a more cohesive and immersive viewer experience.

What we are sharing with you today is the result of this first round of sonic experiments, our score suite for Miranda Veil. Please sit back and enjoy this look into the first step of crafting a feature film score from the ground up. In this case study the score suite to the upcoming feature film Miranda Veil.

Thank you for your time.

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