Film, TV, And Media List 2019

Inspired by the infamous Soderblog and it’s Seen, Read 2017 list. Listed below is an up to date list of what I have been watching in 2018.See any of the film,shows, videos listed here? If so, what did you think?What are you watching? Let me know in the comments below.

Note: Dates listed below are the dates the media viewing was completed.

01/01 Gamenight (Cruise Ship)
01/04 21 Jump Street (Cruise Ship)
01/05 TAG (Cruise Ship)
01/08 Cold War (Amazon Screener)
01/08 Beautiful Boy (Amazon Screener)
01/14 Love & Other Drugs (DVD)
01/19 What If (Amazon)
01/21 Eighth Grade (Amazon)
01/28 Gringo (Amazon)  
03/11 The Birdcage (Netflix)
03/19 Captain Marvel (Theater)
03/23 Catastrophe (Amazon)
03/29 The Shape Of Water (HBO)
04/09 US (Theater)
04/10 Amazing Grace (Theater)
04/25 Mid90s (Amazon)
04/25 Waiting (Unrated) (Amazon)
05/10 Avengers: Endgame (Theater)
05/24 Fleabag Season 2 (Amazon)
05/30 Sixteen Candles (Amazon)
06/29 Shadow Puppet (Amazon)
06/29 Beautiful Losers (Amazon)
07/13 Too Old To Die Young – Season 1 (Not – Finished) (Amazon)
07/15 Vida – Season 1 (Not-Finished) (Amazon)
07/28 Sunshine Cleaning (Amazon)
08/15 Daydream Nation (Amazon)
08/28 Call Me By Your Name (Amazon)
09/07 Lovelace (Amazon)
09/14 American Graffiti (Amazon)
09/25 This Beautiful Fantastic (Amazon)
09/30 Izzy Gets the F Across Town (Amazon)
10/04 100 Girls (Amazon)
10/14 The Social Network (Amazon)
10/15 Undone – Season 1 (In-Progress) (Amazon)
10/20 Modern Love (In-Progress) (Amazon)
10/31 Stranger Things : Stranger Things 3 (In-Progress) (Netflix)
12/02 Atypical: Season 3 (Netflix)
12/02 Let It Snow (Netflix)
12/21 The Squid and the Whale (Netflix)
12/21 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Netflix)
12/22 Elf (AMC)
12/22 The Holiday (AMC)
12/23 Four Christmases (AMC)
12/26 Marriage Story
01/05 Someone Great

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