Film, TV, and Media List 2018

Inspired by the infamous Soderblog and it’s Seen, Read 2017 list

Listed below is an up to date list of what I have been watching in 2018.

See any of the film,shows, videos listed here? If so, what did you think?

What are you watching? Let me know in the comments below.

Note: Dates listed below are the dates the media viewing was completed.​

01/07 Ladybird (Theater)
01/30 Freemales (YouTube Web-series)
02/07 Pretext (Vimeo Short)
02/08 Mindhunter (Netflix)
02/11 End Of The F***ing World (Netflix)
02/26 Atypical (Netflix)
02/27 Hardcore Henry (Blu-Ray)
03/06 Everything Sucks (Netflix)
03/07 Red Sparrow (Theater)
03/13 The Big Sick (Amazon Prime)
03/21 Black Panther (Theater)
03/27 Annihilation (Theater)
04/25 A Quiet Place (Theater)
04/29 Queer Eye Season 1 (Netflix)
05/08 Avengers Infinity War (Theater)
05/14 Daisy And Violet (Amazon)
06/05 Deadpool 2 (Theater)
06/19 In Bruges (Netflix)
06/19 40 Year Old Virgin (Netflix)
06/26 Two Night Stand (Amazon Prime)
07/02 The Cake Eaters (Amazon Prime)
07/03 M.F.A. (Amazon Prime)
07/11 Elizabethtown (Amazon Prime)
07/29 How To Talk To Girls At Parties (Amazon Prime)
Ladybird (Amazon Prime)
Logan Lucky (Amazon Prime)
08/11 The Wild Ride (Digital Download)
08/22 Salmon Fishing In Yemen (Amazon Prime)
08/28 Zoe (Amazon Prime)
09/08 The Lego Movie (Netflix)
09/09 I Love You Man (Netflix)
09/19 The Nun (Theater)
09/19 Atypical (Netflix) Finished all available seasons
10/16 RBG (w/Miriam Cutler)
10/20 Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival Films Screened from “Our Modern World” showcase: (All Theater)
Perfect Man
The Brink
Nadia’s Visa
The Right Choice
11/01 A Quiet Place (w/Marco Beltrami) (Theater)
11/10 Chasing The Bullet (Short Film Doc) (Streaming)
11/10 Boutonniere (Short Film Doc) (Streaming)
11/13 Hot Summer Nights (Amazon Prime)
11/13 Mary Queen Of Scots (w/Max Richter) (Theater)
11/20 On The Basis Of Sex (w/Micahel Dana & Kesha) (Theater)
11/27 Isle Of Dogs (w/Alexandre Desplat) (Theater)

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